Housing Ministry

Available in Roanoke, Virginia - Teachers Place Townhouses - A three bedroom luxury townhouse in the heart of the city, with discounts available for teachers, preachers, and  personal referrrals. Call 703 490 3568 for current rental rates and more information.

Pastoral Ministry

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Music Ministry

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01 February 2015

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25 August 2015

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21 March 2015

You are an Overcomer!

The mission of CBM is to provide members of the Body of Christ with Word based “Christian Essentials for Victorious Living.” The nature of this ministry is defined by Jesus’ exhortation in John 15: 16 – to bring out the fruit in people’s lives. Fulfillment of this task encompasses the systematic development of skills, talents, abilities, gifts, and ministries within the Body, thus equipping members to be effective and inspirational elements of the Kingdom of God in the present world.

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