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You are an OVERCOMER!

A Full-Gospel Charismatic Guide to Christian Spiritual Disciplines (274 pages)

ISBN: 978 0 88144 258 8 +++ electronic ISBN: 978 088144 2540 

YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER is based on sermons by Dr. Carl Bentley, a pastor of more than twenty-five years. These messages have provided insight and spiritual guidance to congregation, broadcast, and family members. The twenty-one chapters of this book cover topics such as healing, how shouting causes Satan to let go of your circumstances, how to minister to the Lord with your music, and how to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit as warfare weapons. Dr. Bentley discusses the need to engraft the Word of God into your heart, and how fasting helps us to win the war against the flesh. An overcomer's prayer cover is provided, as well as a bibliography of spiritual warfare and worship materials. It's a very good resource for growing Christians, but it's also a good resource for pastors. 

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